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4- letter word also valid with letter F added in front


Pages: 1.ABLE 2.LUNK


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List of 4- letter words also valid with letter F added in front

able, aced, acer, aces, acts, addy, ados, aery, agin, ails, aine, ains, airs, airy, aked, akes, alls, anal, ands, anes, anga, anon, ards, ared, ares, arle, arms, arse, arts, asci, ates, auld, avas, avel, aver, aves, awns, awny, axed, axes, ayre, ears, ease, east, eats, echt, eels, ells, elts, emes, emmy, ends, eres, erns, esse, ests, etas, etch, ever, ewer, eyed, eyer, ices, ills, illy, inch, inks, ired, ires, irks, itch, labs, lack, lags, lair, lake, laky, lame, lams, lank, laps, lare, lash, lats, lawn, laws, lays, leam, leas, leer, lees, leet, legs, leme, leys, lick, lied, lier, lies, limp, ling, lint, lips, lisk, lite, lits, lock, logs, long, loor, lops, lory, losh, loss, lota, lote, lour, lout, lown, lows, lues, luff, luke, lump, lung, lunk, lush, lute, lyte, ogle, oils, olds, olio, only, oots, orbs, orby, ordo, ords, ores, orts, ossa, ouds, ours, owls, oxes, oyer, rack, rags, rail, rank, rape, raps, rate, rats, rays, reak, reed, rees, resh, rets, ribs, rigs, rill, rise, risk, rits, ritt, ritz, rock, roes, ront, rore, rory, rost, rows, rugs, rump, rush, rust, ugly, undy, used & uses

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