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System Requirements

You have to install the BestWordClub application before connecting to the club. It runs on both Windows and Macintosh. You must be connected to the Internet while playing.

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Welcome to the club!
The BestWordClub is an online cross word game club, games are played in a duplicate way. You are not playing against someone, but playing together. On each turn, all players have the same letters and play on the same board. No randomness and no badluck! You get points for the word you played, the other player gets points for the word they played. The winner is the one that gets the most points at the end of the game.
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Games are played one after another with a five minute break in between. Do not hesitate to join or leave in the middle of a game. Play a few games and you will be ranked and be part of a group.

Everything is done to make sure you improve your level while playing. Word definitions are displayed, the game doesn't let you play invalid words. Each player has his own file, full of stats, with game history. The complete game details are available in a web page, all the best words that could have been played, every word played by all the players.

The BestWordClub game lets you play in three languages, English, French and Spanish. Playing in a other languages is tough but lets you learn new words while having fun.

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