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The BestWordClub application allow you to play Duplicate Scrabble online with others.

System Requirements

You have to install BestWordClub application before connecting to the club. It runs on both Windows and Macintosh. You must be connected to Internet while playing.

 Download BestWordClub Game
(size: 2 MB)

Click to identify your operating system and start downloading:

BestWordClub for Macintosh BestWordClub for Windows
for Macintosh for Windows

This software is free -- Playing on the site is free -- One restriction
There is only one restriction for non-subscribers; non-subscribed players will not get their 50 point bonus when playing a bingo (making a move using all 7 letters).

In order to play you have to create your username
Click here to choose and create your username.

The game is very easy to play
Visit the Help & FAQ section to read about all the options and hints to play faster and getting the most out of your game.

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